Friday, February 10, 2012

I Love My Pet

For many of us, our pets are our children and we want the best for them. Needless to say, we do love to spoil them. And like children, they carry a huge responsibility, depending on their family for their care.
Of course fashion sense is a top priority with pet owners. There's no way we are going to let Fifi out the door without her designer sweater and doggy necklace. Not to mention, dressing up your dog is so much fun.

I love seeing a dog dressed up, especially during Halloween. But like children, you need to take the same consideration when buying their clothes and other accessories; are they flame retardant, do they have toxic dyes or are they easily broken, with small pieces your pet could choke on? Always make sure you verify the safety of any pet item.

For Halloween or any holiday, check the SPCA website for tips on keeping your pet safe.
Then of course there are the toys, carriers, dishes and bowls. Try GregRobert Pet Supplies for a huge selection of fun stuff for your furry kids. Like children, toxic issues need to be addressed. I like to make my own pottery and ceramics so it is only natural that I make dishes for my cats. But whether you are buying or making your food bowls, always make sure they are food safe. If you are not certain, don't use it. Not all ceramic glazes used on dishes and other pottery pieces, are food safe and could be toxic to your little ones.

Your pet's health is a top priority and when it comes keeping my pets healty, my preference is all natural.

Seven of the popular flea and tick control products on the market,  have adverse health effects in tested animals ranging from convulsions and body tremors to brain lesions, lung and liver tumors and thyroid cancer. When you think about it, you are putting a pesticide on your pet each time you place those drops on their skin.

Laboratory tests show Fipronil, an ingredient in Frontline and Frontline Plus, is a neurotoxin and a possible human cancer agent. This toxin can cause liver and kidney damage, thyroid cancer and other problems in your pets. Read more about these findings at How Safe is Your Flea and Tick Killer?

There are many natural alternatives to the commercial toxins on the market today.
Natural Wonder Products is one of my favorite shops for alternative pet care.

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