Tuesday, January 20, 2009

First Blog

Well, here it is, my first public blog. It must seem as if I have been living in the dark ages, never doing a blog before. So far, it has been relatively painless. I have written for magazine publications but I think I am more nervous about publishing my blog than I was about publishing my stories.

I suppose I should start out by telling you a little about myself. I work full time as an office manager. In my spare time (and there seems very little of that anymore), I run a very small soap and toiletries business as well as trying to launch my fledgling jewelry line. Which, by the way, I will be posting pictures of some of my pieces as soon as I learn to use the new camera.

I just recently agreed to teach chainmaille jewelry classes at the local bead shop. I held my first, beginners class last Saturday and found that I really do like doing this. I will be holding another class in February for a chandelier type earring. Everyone seemed to enjoy my class and I actually believe they learned something. Apparently enough to buy the additional kits for a more advanced project that I had for sale at the end of class.

In future posts, I will not only add pictures of my finished pieces but also provide some chainmaille history.

I am an "avid" cat lover. I have several of the furry little critters that share our home. Each and everyone, spoiled rotten. We consider them our second round of children. If I had my way, I would probably have a house full of them and then some.

I also like to read, sew, and I have recently been playing around with photography. I just recently discovered the Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer. A teen novel but I love it. Great fantasy escape.

Both my husband and I are rock hounds, he more so than I am. He has a rock saw set up and makes some gorgeous cabs. We are planning on making a trip to Nevada in the near future to dig at the opal mines. See what I mean about very little spare time? But, I am taking a break next weekend so we can go to Walking with Dinosaurs. I can't wait for that (another byproduct of being a rock hound).

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