Thursday, March 5, 2009

More Thoughts

Wow, has it really been over a month since my first blog? I guess I better get busy then.

There’s not a lot of new things to report however, I would like to resend part of my previous blog where I mentioned the Twilight Series. You know everyone changes their mind about things, well I did about this.

When I wrote the blog, I was less than half way through the first book but I loved the whole idea behind Twilight. Not too long after I wrote the blog, I discovered that the book was becoming quite annoying. The writing was never great to begin with but, I could overlook it in the beginning as I liked the story idea. As I continued, not only did the bad writing become more apparent but the characters were actually terrible and I grew to dislike them quite a bit.

First there was Bella, our heroine; very whiny, self centered, woe is me type of character. She was literally wimpy. By the time I was halfway through the first book, I was so sick of Bella because of her lack of back bone and dimension. She was so poorly written that I was ready to scream.

Then there's Edward. Wow, talk about an abusive boyfriend. Any boyfriend that controls his girlfriend to the extent of kidnapping her so she will be where he wants her to be is an A-1 abuser.

Finally, we come to Jacob. Jacob is nothing but a bully that has real anger management issues.

I suffered through all 4 books for two reasons a) I really did want to see how the story ended, and b) I bought all 4 books so I would have the entire series (which I will never do that again) and I did not want to waste all that money.

To make a long story short, because this blog is not a book review, I would not even recommend this for teens or anyone. A very poorly written series, especially the last book. There were so many things about these books that were so far fetched it was laughable. Granted, this is a fantasy series but, even a fantasy series must be in the realm of belief and possibility. The books twisted the myths so much that it honestly was nothing but a fan fiction piece.

Of the 4 books, the first was the best, but that really is not saying much. It is my belief that the only reason this book is such a hit with the teens is the angst and the all consuming love story. Even for an older reader, like myself, it really takes you back to being 17 when love was such an all consuming feeling. That, is the only good thing about these books.

Now, on to my

I have been making numerous pieces which I hope to photograph this weekend. Two necklaces were made with the fox tail weave or full Persian, one in sterling silver, one in gold filled. Not to pat myself on the back too hard, but they turned out spectacular.

There is something about the satisfaction you get when you see what you had envisioned come together. It really does give you a huge rush, at least it does me. I am so proud of these pieces.

The gold necklace, was done by looking at the pictures in an instructional book. I never could understand the written instructions but I was able to look at the pictures and make the piece.

The sterling silver necklace was my variation on that piece and I must say, it is fantastic. I really have to post some pictures.

Well, that is it for today. I think my next blog will discuss some of the virtues of hand crafted over mass produced, both from the buyer's and the artist's perspective. Or something along those lines.

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