Friday, March 20, 2009

New Necklaces

Well, I decided to test out my new lens and try to learn more about my camera so I took some pictures of the necklaces I recently made. I finally got a beautiful sunny day to test the camera outside. These pictures are much better. You can't beat sunlight for taking pictures.

This necklace is called Waterfall. It is made with sterling silver and done in the Fox Tail or Full Persian weave. Pictures just don't do sterling silver justice. It is a beautiful, high shine piece with blue crystal beads. the focal pendant was also made by me and has subtle, purple streaks running through it. No two pendants are the same due to the variations in glass so this is considered one of a kind. Did I mention, glass fusing is another past time for my husband and I?

This necklace is made from the same design as Waterfall and is the first one I did using the full Persian weave. I found this necklace in an instructional book and thought it was gorgeous and had to try it. I varied it slightly from what was shown in the book.

The necklace is done with 14kt gold filled rings, half of them smooth rings and the other half twisted. The pendant is an actual Aspen leaf dipped in 24kt gold. I love this for fall as it goes nicely with fall colors; browns, oranges, etc. I wear it a lot and I am trying to figure out if I have something I can wear it with during the summer as well.

Both necklaces were fun to do and I am currently working on some pieces that vary greatly from the original design, still using the Fox Tail weave.

I am re-working the design and will be carrying that in my line up this year for the shows.

Until next time, happy creating!

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