Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Life Style Changes Update #1

Well, I just started my 3rd week of my new life style change and the First Line Therapy program. I have to tell you, I feel fantastic. Not only have I lost 15 pounds in the first two weeks but I feel like a new person.

I am amazed at how easy this change has been. I have not been hungry at all and I have had absolutely, no cravings. I do not even miss the chocolate.

When you hear that eating healthy can cure you, it is true. I have not had to take a single aspirin in 2 weeks. My blood pressure has dropped 10 points, my moods have changed (for the better) and I just “feel good”. It has been so long since I really felt good that I forgot how nice it can be.

I am exercising with my Wii Fitness program and having a blast. I am now a hula hoop champion.

I met my goal of drinking 100 oz of water per day. My next goal is new jeans, one size smaller, by next month. I don’t think I am going to have any problems doing that and will update you when I make it.

Anyone considering a healthy life style change, I highly recommend this program, it’s easy and very satisfying. The hardest part of the whole thing has been planning my meals. I was not use to planning ahead. Now, I have to wonder why I never did it before.

Healthy living everyone!

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