Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Getting Motivated

Wow, have I neglected my writing. I can’t believe it has been so long since my last post. I would say that my New Year’s resolution is to be more dedicated to updating but honestly, I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions all that much. If I need to change something, I am going to do it as I am motivated to do it otherwise, I will never stick to it.

My health and fitness lifestyle change is just one example of waking up one morning and saying to myself, "Something has to give; I am tired of feeling sick and tired all the time". Now, I can happily say, 4 months and 40 pounds lighter, I feel better than I have in a very long time; years to be exact. I still have a ways to go, but I know I will do it and I am happy doing it.

My doctor started me on the First Line Therapy program September 10, 2009. Since that time, I have lost weight, gained more muscle mass and lowered my blood pressure back to normal levels, all by changing what I eat.

The First Line Therapy program is doctor supervised and is based on the Mediterranean style diet. If you are familiar with the Sanoma Diet, it is a lot like it, basically the same principles. There is also a fantastic cookbook called The Sanoma Diet Cookbook by Connie Gutterson. I just love the recipes in this book. So if you are looking for healthy recipes, check it out.

This plan is not a get skinny quick scheme, but an actual life style “change”. To be successful, you really have to “want” to make that change. If the dedication is not there, then the plan will fail.

A short synopsis, I eat lots of fruits and vegetables, only small amounts and very lean cuts of meat, nuts, beans and whole grains. No sugar, white flour, processed foods and only the good oils, like olive or coconut.

Now I would be fibbing if I said I stick to this eating style 100% of the time; I don’t, more like 95%. But I honestly don’t believe that is a bad thing. I don’t stray from the path often, just enough to satisfy the slight craving I might get for my favorite “bad” food; Chinese Cuisine or other things that really are destroying America’s health.

Once I get my fix for a hamburger, pizza, whatever, I am good to go for a long time before I get another craving. I honestly feel, being too rigid in anything is a recipe for failure. So having a Chinese dinner occasionally is not going to set me back but it actually helps to keep me on track. I also do it without guilt and the funny thing is, that comfort food just doesn’t taste as good as it use to and boy, do I get full fast. I will say though, that sugar is the only thing I have not had in the past 4 months and I don’t even miss it.

Next motivation is my jewelry. I have been is such a funk for so long when it comes to designing and actually making that I feel a little rusty. No more…I am determined to get back into the swing of things and devote more time to my jewelry. My first project is PMC. I have drawn up the design, have all the supplies I need except for one item, and I am anxious to go. I love experimenting and this is going to be a “huge” experiment for me. So, look for updates and pictures here soon.
Oh, and my other motivation....update my blog more often.

The Sonoma Diet Cookbook

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  1. Huge congratulations to you Nancy! I know how hard those life changes are. I'm currently on day 2 of quitting sugar and it's no fun:(
    I think treating yourself without guilt is perfect. I too am on a weight loss path as well as a more focused jewelry path. May we both have ease and fun!