Monday, January 30, 2012

Buying American

In a recent article I asked, “Should we buy American?” The answer may be difficult as many believe we no longer have access to many American made products.

While there are thousands of foreign made products in our marketplace, we still have many choices for products made in America. You may have to look a little harder but, there are many, high quality, American made items.

To buy American, you just have to commit to read labels. We still have food produced in American factories as well as other items. Did you know that Kimberly Clark, think Scott Towels, is an American company? While they ship globally, and have factories all over the world, they keep Americans working with over 20 facilities here in the United States. Whirlpool, Bun-O-Matic and Nesco are all American companies, with factories across the country, employing Americans. You can find a comprehensive list of American manufacturers at Still Made in the USA.Com.

American flags; what better way to show your support for buying American made. Try buying American made furniture, anything from wine racks to a dining room table. American made furniture has always been some of the highest quality you can find.

There are some amazing American made supplies and toys or designer clothes, jewelry and collars for your special pet. Wouldn’t you love to see Fido in his custom-made, studded collar?

More American made products are available than most people think. It just takes some research but if your purchase of a Nesco Cooker helps to put someone to work, it is worth it.

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