Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Emergency Kitchen Food Storage

In my article, Food Storage Tips for Your Emergency Kitchen, I discussed the ways to store bulk item foods. Doing so does require knowledge of shelf life, what items store best, and containers for your food stuffs.

I love to freeze things but you must know what will and will not freeze. Will It Freeze? is a great book listing foods that will or will not freeze. This book was written by a British author so you may need to cross reference some things. However, it is a great resource for anyone wanting to preserve their food.

Food storage is a lot easier if you have the proper equipment and some, I consider, a necessity for a well stocked pantry.

I think a vacuum sealer is a must have for anyone preserving food. This is my third sealer and my favorite.

Some say these do not preserve your food any better than freezer bags. If sealed correctly, a good vacuum sealer will extend the life of your food; sometimes doubling it. It takes a little practice getting a proper seal but, once you learn; you'll wonder how you did without one.

This is going to be my next large purchase. Not only do I want the mill but I want the accessory kit and the motor. I would love to grind my own grain for and my goal is to have this in my home by May of this year. I know it is a huge investment but for the health of my family and the long term savings, the price will be well worth it.

I love books and have at least one for everything I am interested in. For cooking and preserving, I have so many, I can't tell you the exact number. I do have my favorites though, and this book is great.

What I love about this book is that it is not an apocalyptic, doomsday book but a well-written  book that is full of no-nonsense suggestions. This book is written on the basis that stuff happens and everyone needs to be prepared...I love this book.

This is another favorite. I have had this book for years and use it all the time. There is everything from cake mix to meatball mix. If you do once-a-month cooking, using a mix is ideal. It is so easy to pull out a jar of a pre-made mix to start my monthly freezer cooking.

These are on my list of must have stock. If you are serious about storing food for the long term. You need these bags. For long term food storage, these Mylar bags block sunlight and provide an additional oxygen and moisture barrier.  They are easy to seal, just iron the opening shut with a hot iron. When I want something to last a long time, I use these. With their water-tight seal, these bags work well for canoe trips or camping and backpacking.

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