Monday, January 23, 2012

Today I thought I would list e-books. I am a fanatic when it comes to books, both print and e-books. You should see my book cases. They are full of all kinds of jewelry and craft books (I have 4 very large book cases).

Here are some e-books for your jewelry and selling your jewelry that I thought might be helpful. Some of these I already have and others, I either know the author or the e-book has been recommended.

Rena Klingenberg is one of my favorites. You can’t go wrong with any of her books.

Ultimate Guide to a Profitable Jewelry Booth

Guide to Profitable Jewelry Booth

This isn’t an e-book but I had to put a plug in for my favorite program. I love this software. I use it for my jewelry and my sewing. The only program that I love just as much is my soap maker software. It is “well” worth the investment

Bead Manager Pro

I actually bought this one some time ago when I needed some tips on doing home parties. Lorri has some great tips and ideas.

Start Your Own Jewelry Party Business

I know some of you are just starting out and looking for reference in the beading side of making jewelry. This is an awesome book. It even guides you in the healing properties of different types of stones.

The Complete Bead Guide

This e-book was recommended on one of the other lists I am on by a reputable member. I know we have a lot of newbies and this sounds like the perfect e-book for beginning wire artists. I may order this myself, even though I’m not a beginner.

Wire Work Secrets

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